Eric Hansen

Hi, I'm Eric.

Based in Boston, MA, I'm a product designer, UX strategist, and information architect with over 10 years experience. Passionate about designing a better, more usable future.

I've worked in consulting, healthcare, financial serivces, and insurance. In my off time I love to travel the world, but you can also find me at home on my Peloton. 


Process and practice


Start with the why of the work. Learn who will use the product, how their known and unvoiced needs aren't being met by current solutions.

User interviews, user story writing, analytics, competitive analysis, strategic thinking, personas


Try something new. Explore the space. Look inside the box, think where the box is on the shelf. Find the entrances and exits.

Design sprints, wireframes, co-creation workshops


Build prototypes, share widely. Get alignment and buy in. Show users, listen and observe what and how they react. Make changes. Do better.

Prototyping, design review, qual/quant studies, surveys, interviews, copywriting


Make it real. Work with the team. Release it to the world, watch how it does. Listen to feedback. Learn from the experience.

Delivery documentation, acceptance testing, style guides, case studies, analytics

Skills I bring

UX Strategy
Information Architecture
Usability Testing

Tools I use

Adobe XD
Axure RP
Adobe CC
Whatever gets the job done...

Where I've worked

Relay Platform
Liberty Mutual
Bank of America
Fidelity Investments
Albany Medical Center

Fly for Miles Calculating Animation

Fly for Miles

Fly for Miles was my final projectfor the General Assembly Front End Web Design course. It was a 10-week evening class to learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/jQuery.

HNW Account Opening

As lead designer for the Managed Accounts Account Opening scrum team, I was tasked to optimize the account opening flow for managed accounts for High Net Worth prospective clients.

Managed Accounts Account Opening

Financial Coaching

As a Digital Architect at a client site, I led B2E apps design.

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