Managed Accounts Account Opening

Vital Signs

At Fidelity Investments, I took over as lead designer for the Managed Accounts Account Opening scrum team. I was tasked optimizing and creating an account opening flow for managed accounts for High Net Worth potential clients.

Goal of project

This account opening flow had multiple objectives and considerations. Firstly, as a result of projected system upgrades, the account representatives in the branch offices were going to lose their ability to open these managed accounts. There were competing business objectives to open more of these style accounts, but continue to offer a high level of personal service.

My experience & insights

Balancing the priorities of increased self-service access with a high level of personal service was an exercise in connecting and communicating with many business partners. Coupling this with the decomissioning and remapping of a legacy process allowed me the time to create a base Account Opening (AO) Axure file that could be used across AO teams for new and updated account types. I was able to create the basic flow in a responsive Axure prototype. Future iterations would have included additional interactivity and user journeys. 

The outcome

The Axure prototype MVP was delivered for use for the larger UXD forms community. It was built using the current brand standards and styles. The scrum team working on implementing this new account registration had all the assets delivered as needed and were in active development.

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